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Relata Pro leads to follow-through on corporate objectives, by assisting workers in organizing their time and activities, resulting in enhanced productivity throughout the organization.

In the case of larger enterprises, minor improvements in knowledge worker productivity lead to impressive boosts to the bottom line - often equating to in excess of tens of millions of dollars annually. 

Relata Enterprise enables enterprises to gain a competitive advantage by better executing their strategy through alignment of employees' activities with corporate outcomes.

Relata helps improve knowledge worker productivity by:

  • Increasing the speed and ease with which information is accessed and added
  • Increasing the portability of information
  • Assisting knowledge workers in communicating information more rapidly and easily with others.
  • Automating organizational and administrative tasks, such as administration and reporting.
  • Providing an efficient organizational framework for information.
  • Making knowledge and information more accessible, across multiple locations

Relata can help corporations and enterprises:

  • Visually manage personal and corporate goals with ease.
  • Monitor and measure personal and workgroup productivity.  A supervisor can simply log into Relata, click on a user and determine if he/she has been as productive as they say they have.  Reports can be downloaded with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Track and manage tasks and outcomes
  • Collaborate with others.
  • Share information, yet retail control.
  • Eliminate redundant tasks and automate others
  • Manage schedules.
  • Create and delegate projects with others.
  • Capture and centralize knowledge assets.
  • Rapidly access knowledge and information.
  • Search for personal information using keywords.
  • Synchronize data with Palm Desktop and Microsoft Outlook, which in turn can be synchronized with handheld devices.
  • Allow authorized access to existing enterprise information.  Controlled documents can be easily accessed to view the latest revisions.
  • Reduce IT and deployment costs.  Centralizes information previously kept on worker PC's.
  • Increase their return on investment with a high adoption rate (quicker implementation).
  • Built-in tutorial and user guide reduces employee training requirements.

Deployment is measured in minutes, as Relata only requires a web browser.  Our unique Relata Installation Helper makes the installation of Relata Pro and Relata Enteprise a breeze.

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