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Home and SOHO users can benefit from using Relata Lite as it helps them make the most of their time.  Relata can be accessed from any PC with Internet access, and even on intranets.  Nothing needs to be installed on your system, aside from synchronization software (if required).

Need to travel?  No problem.

Access your Relata contacts and schedule from any Internet equipped PC.  Make changes to your data and then synchronize your changes with Palm Desktop or Microsoft Outlook once you return.

Never miss an appointment again.

Have a brilliant flash of genius?  Enter it and share it others with a couple of mouse clicks.  How about some notes for an upcoming conference?  Enter them and then synchronize them to your handheld using Resync (Relata Edition).

Need to tell your staff about an upcoming social event? Use Relata's Group E-mail manager to e-mail your staff quickly.  Alternatively, use the built-in messaging system to quickly send messages to individual Relata users.

Help is always a click away with Relata Support.

Recommended Products:
- Relata Lite
- Relata Online

Supplemental Products:
- Resync (Relata Edition)

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