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The following list answers some frequently asked questions regarding our products:

Relata F.A.Q.'s

Can I add more users to my Relata license? Yes, please use our Contact page to contact us with the number of additional users you wish to add to your Relata license. Also, see the Relata comparison page for pricing on user pack upgrades.
Our organization owns a Relata Enterprise license. What if we exceed ten support calls? Every block of ten support phone calls is $49 USD, which must be purchased in advance. However, lifetime e-mail support is included with each Relata license.
Can I use my Relata license on two servers? No. You must purchase a Relata license for each server. We may be able to offer a volume discount - please call for details.
Can I disable Relata modules that I do not want my employees to use? Yes. Each Relata license ultimately governs which Relata modules can be used, but each of the modules you have paid for can be enabled or disabled as you see fit.
What is a Relata ID or Relata Installation ID? The Relata Installation ID or Relata ID is usually the e-mail address you used to request your Relata license with. If you have multiple Relata licenses using the same e-mail address, please specify the domain name or company you are inquiring about when you e-mail or call for support. We don't recommend using free e-mail services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, and others for your Relata ID.
Can you customize Relata for us? Yes. We will perform Relata customizations at a rate of $70 USD/hr. Rebranding Relata with your logo is NOT permitted.

Resync F.A.Q.'s

Which versions of Microsoft Outlook is Resync compatible with? Resync is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2000 through 2007. You need to install or download Microsoft's Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) in order to use Resync. Please contact your system administrator for assistance. Alternatively, contact us for assistance should a system administrator not be available.
Which versions of Palm Desktop is Resync compatible with? Resync is compatible with Palm Desktop 4.01 and 4.1 SP3. Palm Desktop 4.1.2 and 4.1.4 are not supported.
Which Relata components does Resync synchronize with? Resync can synchronize with the Contact Manager, Activity Manager and Notes. Resync also supports full backup and restore functionality for the aforementioned Relata modules.
I'm using Resync with Do I need any additional files? Yes. Please download the Resync Data File from the Downloads sections of our web site. See the Relata Administrator's Guide for installation procedures.
Will Resync run on my MacOS X system? Sorry, Resync is only designed for use with systems running Microsoft Windows. If you use virtualization software, such as VMWare with Windows XP, we are not certain if Resync will perform correctly under MacOS X.
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