Support Request License

Thank you for deciding to try Relata.

Relata requires a license file before it can be used.  The Relata license determines which Relata modules are enabled and also the number of users that can be created.

Note: Starting January 2, 2006, each Relata download (zip or tarball) includes a temporary license that expires within 30 days (updated monthly).  Only ten users can be created using the temporary license.  Should your Relata license expire before you are able to evaluate Relata, please request another one by following the steps below.

Before continuing, please ensure that you have downloaded Relata, and followed the installation procedure in the Relata Administrator's Guide.

Once Relata has been installed on your system, execute datablock.php (in the Relata install directory) from your web browser. Post the output of datablock.php below and we will issue you a Relata license file.

All information provided will be treated as confidential.

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